Friday, October 08, 2010

Waste Of Paper By The Ton ...

Can anyone tell me why Argos (the UK Catalog & Store Group) waste SO much money and paper on their catalogs? Ok, they're a catalog store - but that doesn't mean they have to print out a dead-tree version every time - perhaps just an update, or special offers.

A large proportion of the UK have access to computers or the internet - why why not a CD version (cost: 35p) instead of a printed version (cost: anything between £4 and £8?)

Their website is rather slow and complex to follow, so browsing online is a real bugger of a chore - but a CD or DVD-based catalog, with prices guaranteed up to a certain date (i.e., just like the catalog), internet updates and a favourites function, would do the job very nicely - and bwe alot easier and cheaper to produce, transport to stores - and carry home.

Sure, there are some people who either don't have the access required or who even might PREFER a printed version - but a disc-based copy would be a real bonus at least as a choice.

Then Argos wouldn't have to furnish their store with pallets full of useless, wasted paper that few want.

These pictures were shot at Argos in Kingston, Surrey, and show a rough total of about 1440 catalogs, estimated weight between 2.5 and 3 tonnes of paper.