Sunday, September 19, 2010

London Tube - Closure Of Circle Line ...

Dear TFL - You have no idea how pissed off I was on Saturday morning.

I was heading to the Tour Of Britain (Stage 8) in London's Royal Docks (see next post) so I decided to take my freshly rebuilt mountain bike on the train and tube, to get close enough to cycle the rest, as encouraged to do by mayor Boris.  Cycles are allowed on only certain tube lines, but I knew the Circle Line would get me there.

But, on a big day for cycling in the Capital, (with the Pope in town as well) there were several line closures for 'engineering' - most infuriatingly, the Circle line - which just happens to be the ONLY WAY a cyclist can get from just about anywhere in London to the eastern parts, close enough to the Royal Docks.

I can tell you that the closure was a major talking point at the coffee stands at the Docks, and the cause of a lot of anger. It was even mentioned over the PA to a chorus of 'Boo!'s. Such a great shame that all the good work for cyclists put in by TFL and Boris has been undone in just one day. And would you believe that TFL were one of the race sponsors! What a cock-up.

Is this what we can expect when the Olympics comes to town in 2010?