Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Few Photos From A Recent London Trip ...

Having had the time to pop into London a week or so ago, I took the time to take a walk along the South Bank and shoot a few pics, before nipping into the Tate Modern. Some interesting stuff happens along the Thames most Sundays.

Urban Art Corner, South Bank, 2010.

An area set aside for graffiti artists to do their stuff. Some real talent here, beautiful imagery. Quite like to have some of this on a wall.

Video Art Installation, Tate Modern, 2010.

By Francis Aly, who set an urban fox loose in an art gallery at night and filmed it's movements. It was fascinating to watch, and drew quite a crowd, watching as the fox dissappeared from one screen and reappeared in another. You can see the fox in the full-size image (click to zoom) in the 2nd column, 3rd row.

Sand Art Sculpture, Thames at the South Bank, 2010.

Ingenious and very clever (and entrepreneurial) artists gather on the Thames as the tide goes out, to create these scultures, depending on passing tourists to throw a few coins. I liked this one.

Book Fair, South Bank, 2010.

A regular (monthly?) book fair held under the bridge on the Thames. Loads of tables crammed full of rare and not-sorare (but cheap) books. A gold mine for readers in London.