Sunday, August 01, 2010

Good Weekend, Bad Weekend ...

Ever had a weekend with a bit of both?

Friday - Bought some cool accessories for my ‘Chicago’ mountain bike, stripped and rebuilt it, got it just absolutely perfect.

undefinedSaturday - At Knebworth for the Sonisphere to see Placebo, Anthraz and Rammstein (see previous post). It was awesome, it was epic.

Returned home on the motorcycle at 2 a.m. and collapsed after a long day, a long ride.

Sunday - Woke, looked out my veranda window, to discover that while I’d been away, some skanker had nicked my now-perfect mountain bike from the garden.

So, if you’re around Kingston-Surbiton area of London, keep a look out for a white ‘Chicago’ mountain bike, with a few rust spots, and if you see it, let me now.