Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blood On His Hands, Pt 2 ...

I should think when the Royal British Legion appears at the International Court in The Hague, they'll claim they had no idea the £4.6m "gift" they received from warlord Mister Tony Blair was blood money from a criminal.

"We just thought it was a charming present from an admirer", they'll say, although Mia Farrow will contradict this by suggesting she'd warned the Legion about the origins of the donation, and add she'd witnessed them being "flirtatious" with Mr Blair on a number of occasions.

Seriously ...

You can't blame the British Legion for accepting this money, because we seem to have devised a system for looking after disabled soldiers that depends on donations from book advances. Other more backward countries still use the old-fashioned method of providing money from the society that sent them to war.

But we've developed a more reliable method of waiting for someone's book money.

I suppose when a limbless soldier first applies for assistance, they're told, "If JK Rowling comes through you're in luck. Otherwise you'll have to get about on a wheelbarrow I'm afraid."

But there's only one thing we can know for certain. Cherie will be bloody furious. She probably sat at the meeting going "Give it away? The lot? Aaaaaaaagh!! What if instead we let some of the wounded live in one of our flats for a bit, at a reduced rent, as long as they keep the garden tidy?"

Quoted from full article on StopTheWar, here.