Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying To Figure Why Users Stick With Micro$oft ...

My Computer is Slow - Why?

… Because you run Windows instead of a proper system like Linux.

Make Your Computer Really Fast - An Effective, Simple, & Safe Way to Improve Your PC Performance!

… Yeah, install a Linux Distro like Ubuntu.

I’m constantly being called by family and friends to bitch and whine about how their Windows boxes (yeah, even the much-heralded ‘7’) keep f*&^ing up, crashing, letting viruses through, not connecting with the Net and generally being a piece of expensive sh!te.

My Linux system hasn’t crashed since.. well, ever - nor has it ever been turned off for about 6 months - even for program and system updates.

If you have never thought of using Linux, remember this - you probably already are. Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, all use Linux servers.

And if you think a slightly ‘geeky’ operating system must be ugly, this is my current screenshot:

Xubuntu 10, running XFCE, Chrome skins, Conky, Dock, Cadmium theme with Agua windows. [Select image for larger version..]

Update: January 2011

Linux Mint 10, running XFCE. [Select image for larger version..]

Try it, and you’ll never look back.