Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Surprise - The iPhone 4 Is Not Perfect ...

Actually it has a serious design flaw. Apple took the prefectly good internal aerial and relocated it to a place where your hand (and it’s combination of sweat and natural magnetism) would interfere with reception.

I’ll stick with my HP iPaq rx3715 which is old, looks outdated, but does almost everything the iPhone does (slightly slower) but - more importantly - has worked faultlessly for nearly 6 years. It does everything I need it to do (let’s be honest, Apple iStore may have 26,000 applications but 25,950 are crap.) I even use it as a remote control for my TV, Media Centre and PC (via Bluetooth). It’s my Mp3 player (using a 4GB SD Card), and my GPS.

As it’s a PDA the only thing it doesn’t do is make phone calls.

But then, neither does the iPhone 4.