Monday, July 12, 2010

Rossi Is Back ...

Did you see Valentino Rossi today in the MotoGP?

Awesome. 4 weeks after breaking his leg (the shin bone was sticking out of his skin, for christs sake) he returns to the fray, walking around on cr18/08utches, limps onto his bike and battles with Casey Stoner, finally just getting overtaken on the very last bend and finishing an amazing 4th.

Not bad for a guy with one and a half good legs. Stoner fought tooth and nail with Rossi over the last three laps, the lead changing hands about 6 times (I counted) - now Stoner has to be thinking “How good is Rossi going to be when he’s fit?”

Valentino now has 2 weeks to recover before the next race - just in time to wipe those arrogant smug smiles off the faces of Pedrosa and Lorenzo, currently leading the championship due to Rossis absence.

Rossi is making a case for himself as probably the world’s greatest ever motorcyclist. The man is just a God.