Monday, July 12, 2010

Juliette Binoche - Older and Hotter ...

I’ve always had a fascination with French women. I recently saw ‘Chocolat’ on TV (again) and was reminded just how talented Juliette Binoche is, in this film and in ‘The English Patient’ in particular. 

Ok, I’ll admit it, this is just a very thin excuse to post a good pic of her.

Maybe it’s just a factor of getting older (I’m the same age as Juliette) but she looks way better now than she ever has - just as many ‘mature’ actresses do, like Susan Sarandon, Isabella Rosselini, and quite a few others.

Such a change from the $10 ‘celebs’ that fill most TV and Movies these days who seem to think that a career is based on providing the media with ‘accidentally leaked’ sex-tapes, ‘unintentional’ drunken nip-slips, minor drug and traffic busts along with associated court appearances.

Saw Juliette being interviewed recently on TV and she was just vivacious, witty, and totally charmed the pants off the male interviewer, who was visibly melting under the influence of those eyes and that soft, sultry voice. Style you can’t buy.

Poor guy never stood a chance.