Monday, July 12, 2010

The Italian Marriage Test ...

Heard this great joke yesterday… enjoy.

A young man was due to be married in Milan, to a beautiful Italian model, who also had a very sexy sister.

One day a few weeks before the wedding, the sister invited him round to her flat to ‘fix her computer’.

While he was fiddling (with the computer) and finding nothing wrong, she disappeared into the bedroom and soon emerged dressed in just a barely-there peach satin negligee…

She huskily said “Wouldn’t you like a last fling, before you tie the knot?”

Well, to the guys credit, he grabbed his car keys and ran out of the flat as fast as he could - to be shocked by the sight of his fiancee’s entire family, lined up outside, applauding him - It had all been a test!

The moral of this story is clear:

Don’t keep your condoms in your car.