Thursday, October 02, 2008

UK Government Rejects Open-Source, Will Give £700 To Low-Income Families For Internet ...

The UK Prime Minister has announced plans to provide every schoolchild with broadband internet access at home. Under the proposals parents are to be offered vouchers worth up to £700 to connect the 1.4 million children growing up in homes without a computer.

What a waste of money. £100 is easily enough. Take a standard basic laptop, add MicroSoft bits and yes, you're probably looking at £300 to £400 but £700? Not necessary. Even worse is the total rejection of open-source software. for just £100, you can get an Elonex WebBook, (pictured) fully kitted out with Ubuntu Linux, browser, anything you need.

PostScript June 2010:

My niece actually got one of these laptops via a local scheme. The unit was just fine, but frankly caused a few problems which she would have been unable to fix has she not had recourse to Uncle Geek, yours truly.