Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gadgets - Bling or Minimalism ... ?

I was accused yesterday of going against my minimalist credentials because i expressed interest in possibly getting a new piece of kit - the nokia n96, and i had to defend myself fiercely. It seems that my accuser totally misunderstood the whole point of my argument. Minimalism is not 'doing without' stuff we actually need... It's doing without the crap we really don't need.

So is a mobile phone 'necessary' ? I think it is, for my life, simple though it is. Yes, I will recycle my old device correctly! I currently use both a phone, a palm-type pda, and an mp3 player - actually an 'ogg' player, and definately not an ipod. In the true spirit of minimalism, a device such as the n96 will replace all three items.

Not only this, but even with a basic phone you have no need for an camera, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch. With the n96 or a similiar device, you can donate or 'regive' a whole lot more stuff. Add a set of bluetooth speakers and even the hi-fi goes to a neighbour. Everybody gains. Except Apple.