Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bail Out Plan II - Revenge Of The State ...

In my post recently on the Bail-Out Plan, I explained how email, messaging and phone calls had pushed the decision-makers to the limit and convinced them to reject the plan. So why did it pass the second time around?

It could have been the slight restructuring of the plan, without doubt. However a major factor was the reduction in pressure from the US voting public, and part of that was the fact that the incoming email servers were shut down. The reason given was that the servers had been pushed to the brink by the response the first time around, and the state officials in charge did not want them to be overwhelmed by the incoming mails.

Whether this was a factor or not on the bill passing, it is worrying that the channel of communication that had worked so well and proven so popular, had been pulled. The American public were, effectively, gagged.