Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YOYOW - You Own Your Own Words ... !

I heard this word recently - YOYOW - while I was talking to a friend about a couple of 'anonymous' blogs, who's authors kept their identities private.

One can understand keeping details secret for reasons of security, of course. You can't display too much of your life on a website - far too easy, apparently, for 'trawlers' to gather data about you. Another reason, especially for using aliases not only for yourself but those you might mention, is fear of the consequences. several bloggers, web site authors and posters have lost their jobs or been dragged into court over comments they've made online.
I can see the point of this, for some, but not for me.

So, back to 'YOYOW' - 'You Own Your Own Words'. The phrase was created by Stewart Brand when he launched 'The Well'.

Those who post anonymously online might not realise that many readers (including me) consider these postings to have less 'validity', due to the posters identities being private. The secrecy protects the posters from any challenge to their facts, which means they could write anything they like, however true or false.

I'm a little more upfront, I take responsibility for all my comments, and I'm quite open to anyone's responses. Go on, take your best shot!