Monday, September 22, 2008

Severed Fifth - A New Way To Distribute Music ... ?

A new project called ‘Severed Fifth‘ (no, I don’t know either…) has been started by Jono Bacon, a big name in the Linux World and currently Community Manager for Ubuntu or (GNU/Linux Ubuntu to give it it's full name). Bacon aims to create and distribute his thrash metal music in a new way, as he says, to “take the Open Source methodology and apply it to music.“ He’ll be issuing tracks under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus Licence. The basis behind the project is to “explore different methods of generating revenue” in the music industry.

This is really radical stuff, and Jono deserves your support. Check out his site and try a few of his tracks - It’s not to my taste, but that’s not really the point! Open Source Software has already woken up and regalvanised the computing industry, perhaps now is the time for the over-regimented music business to get a kick in the pants.

Lateral Thinking at it’s best.