Friday, September 26, 2008

European Union Gets Tough(ish) on Emissions ...

I was both surprised and pleased that the EU has rejected Motor Industry pleas for more time to create greener vehicles with lower emissions. The EUs intention is to reduce vehicle emissions from an average of 158g per vehicle to 130g by 2012.

Pleased, because it's a step - albeit small - in the right direction for long term sustainability. Surprised, because most thought that the application for delay would succeed. All the smart money was on the legislation being watered down, due to pressure from heavyweight lobbying from the Society Of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, as well as many sides of the European Parliament. However, at the last minute the coalition against seems to have imploded.

The SMMT had called for a delay until 2012, mainly citing a long 'design cycle' for newer engines, but this was rejected by the EU - If the Car Makers had been following their own 'greenwash' advertising, they'd have those engines ready by now. So much for R&D.

Has the EU Grown Brass Ones?
I've always been a strong supporter of Europe as an ideal, but not of the EU as an entity, riddled as it is with fraud and poor accounting, but this was a pleasant surprise. Some reports even suggested that many individual MEPs voted contrary the instructions from their own governments. Perhaps the EU has found its balls?